Playing Minecraft Again

After a good while on hiatus I’ve finally come back to playing Minecraft. I’ve played the game straight vanilla (un-modded) for over 18 months, mostly on a small friends-only SMP server. We’ve gone through a few different maps over that time and had a great time on all of them. Now however, we’ve decided to try some new things to shake off the boredom!

One of the things that got me pretty excited again was looking at some popular mods, especially the Tekkit mod pack. I’ve only just tried it out on a couple of public servers, and though it’s loads of awesomeness, public servers suck. It’s not any fun to try to progress in Tekkit when every other time you log on some griefer has stolen all of your Industrial Craft machines. And so I ran back to the best bet to avoid griefers: single player.

I’d rather play Tekkit on SMP, but unfortunately the server we currently have doesn’t support modding beyond standard Bukkit plugins. None of the awesome mods included in the Tekkit pack are standard plugins and we also don’t have any access to the Minecraft or Bukkit JAR files. Basically there’s no fun modding with our current hosting plan.

So until we spring for an upgraded server, some of the guys wanted to try the Super Hostile: Legendary map created by Vechs. This turned out to be a great idea since as soon as word got out several people who hadn’t logged on in months immediately signed on to the server. With everyone on a Skype call we had a lot of fun, and even managed to get a few pieces of wool. We’re nowhere near finished, and I’ve got several areas I’ll have to post some screen shots of later this weekend.

Until I next play, happy gaming!

A New Server Map Render

Just wanted to post a quick update that I’ve rendered another map of my server. Also, the save file size has now passed 250MB for the current world.

I know my blog has been quite neglected lately, but in a way it can’t be helped. Lots of other things I need to, and in some cases, would rather, spend time on. I’m going to keep posting though, even if it is fewer and farther between.  I only just got to play some Minecraft for the first time in over a week last night, so that happened instead of a post. :)

Anyway, new map here – both day and night render this time.

A Rendering of My Server

Just wanted to get this posted now that I’ve finally got it done. Current rendering of the current world on my server. I’ve given up on using Tectonicus. Though cool and detailed, it took nearly two hours to render the other world map at just over 100MB. The new world is just about 200MB already.

I fell back on good old Cartograph G and just did the overhead view. Rendered the entire world in like 5 minutes. So here it is in all it’s flat looking glory. All you on the server can hopefully find one another now!

Map image after break…

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Updated World Map

Just wanted to put up a post for those who play on my Minecraft server, I finally got around to updating the server map! I went all out this time though and actually made a Tectonicus render of it, so it’s a lovely interactive google-type map now.

You can view the map from the link on the My Minecraft Server page.

I’m off to work for now, and then I’ll be up bright and early for the piston update! Hopefully Notch releases it early so I can get the updating done right away. Until then, Happy Crafting!

Minecraft Update Live: Beta 1.6.2

The Minecraft update has gone live, and after a couple really fast bug fixes has been pushed up to version 1.6.2. I’ve got my server running the latest version, so everyone who is able should be set to hop on and try things out. The one downside is having to swap back to the default textures until the new items and blocks get sorted out.

Notch posted the complete change list on his blog for all to check out.

I’ve just had a chance to try things out a little. Maps aren’t that big a deal, at least when it’s just me on the server. I’ll have to see if/how I can get other players to show up on the map. The Nether is as creepy and deadly as I recall, with Ghasts just making things generally annoying. Despite all the good, overall I notice a ton more lag-like jittering, especially while riding a minecart. It seems to crop up from time to time randomly as well. It might be related to the changes Notch made in data compression, but it could be the addition of the Nether as well.

Venturing into the Portal

One undocumented update that I came across, is that water ladders seem to be completely dead now. The water next to the ladder seems to make no difference whatsoever. Water ladder – RIP.

Regardless I’m sure all the wrinkles will get worked out over the next week or so, and I’m still going to have a blast running the Nether with friends! – Actually looks like Notch is already on things, looking at his twitter feed.

So until the Ghasts get me, Happy Crafting!

Workin’ on the (Minecart) Railroad

Rain in the Mineshaft

Just had to post that shot as a comparison against the one my friends from Encrazed Crafts posted from when they visited my server. It’s a good shot with any texture pack, but I still don’t like the default cobble. That visit was about 2 days ago, and I’ve been busy since! The Transcontinental Achievement railroad has been revamped from a hacked-together surface railroad into a full on monorail-style raised train. Complete with color coded stations along the route.

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Playing around in Minecraft Beta 1.5

Well the update has been out for… like 24 hours. A quick tip about the update before I get into anything else!

*TIP* – When you have a chest open, “shift + right click” on anything in your inventory moves it into the chest, and vice versa. This is an amazing add, and will make dealing with an inventory full of cobble (or wheat in my case) infinitely easier!!

I’ve quite enjoyed everything about the update, except for the achievements. Now it’s not that I don’t like achievements, most of the time I’m quite happy to spend a bit of time grinding away just to get a cool achievement. In this case, it’s due to the saving system. At the outset, the 1.5 update wasn’t entirely stable (of course) and so at some point the client crashed on me. I didn’t realize it right away but when it crashed, I lost all of the achievements I had. This put me back to the point of making wooden tools on the achievement tree. I am not amused.

In other events, I’ve completely planted the greenhouse with a gigantic amount of wheat.

All planted.

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