Minecraft Update 1.6.4 – Not Quite Perfect

Just one last quick update for the day regarding the last Minecraft bug-fix patch, 1.6.4.

While the patch does seem to have taken care of a few bugs affecting server performance, one major thing it seems to have introduced is issues with chunk loading. I unfortunately am not at my own PC where I could take a video of the phenomenon, but let me describe what happens on my SMP server.

When logging on, for some players (but not all) no chunks will load. Entities such as animals, mobs, and players will show up but just jitter in place as the client and server fight over wether or not the ground exists. If you’re lucky and you are able to teleport to a distant player, the chunk loading process is triggered, but it takes place from farthest to nearest chunk. You are still stuck jittering while you watch the chunks load, until the chunk below you is finally loaded. Then everything seems to be fine. Logging out and back in seems to cause this scenario to repeat most of the time.

Until Notch is able to take a look into this, teleporting to another place beyond your current render distance seems to be the only workaround I have found. Not every player is afflicted with this problem, thankfully. Just a few hundred blocks from where a friend and I were stuck, another player was able to log in and work on his building normally.

Here’s hoping all this is sorted out by tomorrow. Happy Crafting!

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  1. This is what is happening on my server…Don’t know what to do

  2. Hopefully we’ll se a fixed patch soon:)
    Also what i noticed:
    light bugs: destroy some blocks – the space gets all black,relog, its ok again. Torches sometimes work proper…sometimes only after relog.

  3. Notch, this patch has way more bugs than that. For example, you fall through trap doors, but not always. Once you die all your stuff becomes one time use and a soon as you destroy a block they disappear and certain blocks on the ground are invisible. There are bugs with starting a single player game, minecarts and boat as well.

  4. I noticed that this bug can be avoided by using old world saves? I’ve only tried it a few times but both times I’ve tried it I loaded instantly.
    I don’t know how to fix the light bug. I don’t want to live in the dark :(

  5. @Nes People live in the dark for *years*. Almost all the time willingly, so you’ll be in company until it is fixed, at least :P

    Notch just now noticed a problem with the patch haha Well, actually he just got flamed for making a tweet about playing Terria with his co-workers for hours and hours. He said he’s sorry and will be coming back to work the next day just to fix these big issues. Of course someone else said he is a man of integrity for coming in on a weekend… and I just have to wonder if that person has even *heard* of working retail where not working the full weekend isn’t even an option o.O

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